What is Baptism?

Christian journey begins by being baptised with water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Baptism is the initiation of a new believer and is a community event of welcome.  In the Anglican tradition baptism has two essential features. It always involves water, either poured on the head or by immersion of the believer, symbolising the washing away of sin and the past, and the taking on of a new life. The words invoking the Holy Trinity are used in fulfilment of our Lord’s command.

Anglicans welcome infant baptism where the promises about the faith are made by sponsors, usually parents and god-parents.

Why should we be Baptised?

To seek Baptism for either yourself or for your child is a very exciting thing. Baptism celebrates a new beginning as a member of Christ’s body, the Church. When we come for Baptism we are saying “yes” to God’s love and desire for us to belong to the community of God’s people. To seek Baptism for a child is to say that you want to give them the gift of being part of God’s family and to have God involved in their life.

Things You Need to Know

Before organising a Baptism you will need to think about who you want to have as sponsors or godparents. Godparents of children have a very great responsibility. During the service they make a promise to God that the child will be brought up as a Christian. Make sure that they are aware of this before allowing them to accept the privilege of being your child’s godparent.

To be a godparent or sponsor a person must have themselves been baptised. If they are not, you may like to invite them to consider baptism for themselves.

More information on Baptism

For more information and to find out if the time is right for Baptism for you or your loved one, contact your local Church who can guide you through the steps required. Find your local Church here.

Baptism is the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ. When he had risen from the dead, he commanded his followers to go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

(A Prayer Book for Australia)