For Parishes wishing to employ a
Youth, Children or Families Minister


It is well established anecdotally and through more serious research that parishes which employ a professional YCF Minister tend to see more growth in their YCF programs, and therefore more growth in their parish.  Thank you for considering this step!

The process of appointing someone for this kind of position requires care for a number of reasons, but hopefully the information below will also help you to get the process underway as smoothly as possible.

The two major strands of employing someone are:

1. Generating an Employment Agreement (EA) or Contract, between the employee and the Diocese.   This is governed by industrial laws, and the Diocesan HR and Payroll departments can be very helpful here. The EA will generally be signed by the employee and the General Manager, with copies to the parish and the Diocesan Director of AYCF ministry.  The Director of AYCF can provide you with a blank template for the Agreement.

2. Submitting the necessary paperwork to obtain an Archbishop’s Licence to be a Stipendiary Lay (YCF) Minister. This is governed by our Church law, currently found in Parish Regulation XV.  The Bishops’ Office is largely responsible for this half of the process.

The Director of AYCF Ministry (Jonathan Kemp on 07 3514 7432 / helps parishes to work through the whole process, and should be contacted as early as possible.

Parish Regulation XV is under review at present (Sept 2014).  Here is a Flowchart of the AYCF Minister Appointment Process as it currently stands (subject to ongoing amendment):

Interim YCF Minister Appointment Flowchart 2014

Here is the current Employment Agreement template.  Ideally, you should consult the Director of AYCF to check for updates, Diocesan Payroll to check for the latest figures, and you may also choose to consult Diocesan Human Resources or the Diocesan Legal advisor  if you wish.

Updated Stipendiary Lay Youth Minister EA Template 2014

In relation to the Archbishop’s Licence, the following documents are to be completed and/or retained by the appointee:

2 CV form – Lay Minister

3 Decl-frm-stip-parish

4 Extract from ACA for Oaths

5 Nom form Stip Lay Min – Parish

Upon completion, they should be sent to the Bishops’ Office GPO Box 421 Brisbane 4001, with a cover note explaining them.

If you wish your new AYCF Minister to be licensed to preach in Church on a regular basis, please note that there are special conditions regarding the granting of a Licence to Preach:

100225 Licensing of Lay People to Preach the Word of God


FAQ1: How much will it cost us to employ an AYCF Minister?

A: This depends on a few things. Under the current wording of Parish Regulation XV (Schedule V), the lowest payrate is 65% of the Minimum Rate of Stipend for an Assistant Minister.  At the time of writing (September 2014), a ball park figure would be about $26-27 per hour for 2015.

At this point, there is no requirement for a Volunteer AYCF leader to be Licensed by the Archbishop – the process above only applies if the parish wishes to employ and pay someone to be in a full-time or part-time position.

For all enquiries regarding this process, please contact Jonathan Kemp on (07) 3514 7432 or