Our Mission

Our mission is to help to build thriving ministries that equip, empower, and inspire youth, children, and families for Christ.

Our Values

Christ-centred Work

We seek to follow the example of Christ in everything we do and to discern God’s will in the work we do.

Excellent Service

We exist to serve those who are doing Youth, Children, and Families ministry in the best way we can.

Young People’s Voices

We respect and value young people for who they are, including their vision and gifts.


Building Community

We create and help to create inclusive communities among young people and between generations in the wider Church.

Employing Creativity

We seek to be innovative and resourceful in our work and in our problem solving.  


Achieving Balance

We believe in working hard but also place a high priority on family and rest.

Our Vision:

That AYCF Ministry will become a strategic priority in every Parish in every Region and at Diocesan level;

That every Parish will have the knowledge, skills and resources it needs to shape the AYCF Ministry it seeks;

That our AYCF Ministry will lead to growth in the faith, service, generosity and number of Anglicans in Southern Queensland and beyond.

Our Role:

We aim to assist the parishes and agencies of the Church to evangelise and disciple people, from birth to young adulthood, in order to develop their maturity as Christians within the Anglican tradition.

We encourage links between Youth, Children’s and Families ministers across the Diocese by providing opportunities for discussion and cooperation.

We aim to educate and support clergy and lay AYCF Ministry leaders through consultation, resourcing, visits, presentations, camps and events.

We hope to better unify, communicate and deliver Anglican Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry and Families Ministry across the entire Diocese of Brisbane, throughout Southern Queensland.

Our position on the safety of children is found here.

Please explore our website and contact us with any queries or feedback. Disclaimer: Members of our AYCF team, the Ministry Education Commission, St Francis College Milton and the Anglican Church of Southern Qld / Anglican Diocese of Brisbane are not responsible for the content of any third-party websites which are shared here in good-faith that they will be biblical, theologically well-founded and compatible with our aims and ethos.

The Lord be with you!

The AYCF team.