Quick Children’s Activities

·       Free colouring pages:

·       Bible Alphabet Colouring Book

·       Sequenced Bible Story Sheets

·       Days of Creation

·       Fruit of the Spirit

·       Pentecost ideas: http://faithful-families.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/faithful-family-resources-may-12-2013.html

·       Various other Christian themes & special days

·       Back to School coloring pages

·       Armor of God Lesson – perfect for back to school

·       5 Event ideas for Back to School time

·       Back to School ideas for kids church

·       Helping preteens adjust heading back into the school year

·       16 tactics for getting more kids in Sunday School

·       “Put Off – Put On” Coloring Page from Colossians 3

·       “New Testament History” Review Worksheets – Acts

·       Bible Lesson: Samson (Judges 13-16)

·       25 Things a Children’s Pastor Must Do this Summer

·       Helping Kids Worship: Entering the Worship Zone


·       Here are some ways to generate more laughter and fun in your children’s ministry:

·       Laughter IS Good Medicine

·       Belly Laugh

·       What Makes Kids Laugh

·       Why Kids Misbehave

·       9 Ways Children’s Ministers are Just Like Kids

Here are some great activities to do in your children’s ministry without breaking the bank:

·       Mirror Activities (Nursery)

·       My Faith Is Like A Seed

·       Inviting Everyone

·       5 Things You Could Buy for Your Ministry if You Had $1 Million